so what's the deal with this place?

In the fall of 2005, four families sold houses and left jobs to chase after a God-sized dream of launching a church to reach hurting people in the Wilmington area. In February of 2006, that dream became a reality; Lifepoint Church was born.

The church has grown from just a living room full of people, and we’ve had the privilege of seeing lives changed, marriages restored, and addictions broken. Lifepoint has been on the front lines, feeding the homeless, giving away gas, honoring teachers, filling food pantries, providing Christmas gifts to underprivileged families, doing work projects at public schools, and a whole lot more. The best is yet to come!

is this a cult?

Great question—after all, it is full of people singing songs and drinking the same beloved liquid (in this case, coffee)—but the answer is no. Cults tell you what to believe, take away your freedoms, and forbid you to leave. At Lifepoint, you’re welcome no matter what you believe, and we want you to experience the freedom that comes from Jesus (including the freedom to leave whenever you want).

the music is too loud!

That’s not even a question! Listen, we believe worship is supposed to be loud, according to examples in the Bible (Psalm 50, Revelation 5:10-11). Also we believe we have something worth shouting about (Jesus is alive!). Finally, we like it that way; we love the energy and the passion that comes from a room full of people singing to Jesus. We like that we don’t have to hear off-key people making a joyful noise, and we like that people can’t hear our tremendous singing as well. Our production team uses a decibel reader to ensure that the volume level doesn’t become dangerous, and we provide complimentary ear plugs at the entrance of the auditorium, should you wish to dampen some of the volume.

what denomination are you?

We are a non-denominational Christian church (but not the type of non-denominational that has recently become its own denomination). Seriously though, we share the same beliefs as several denominations, and everyone is welcome.

What version of the Bible do you teach from?

Typically, Pastor Jeff uses the NIV or NLT  but we feel that several translations are good and just cause Jesus didn't carry the same version it doesn't make it invalid.

What about kids?

BRING THEM. Lifepoint Kids is a place where your kids can be surrounded by adults who are committed to a safe, fun environment. It’s where kids can figure out what God and the Bible are all about.

What can I expect when visiting Lifepoint?

You can expect to feel welcomed and accepted. We know that visiting a new church can be a little intimidating. We will not embarrass you, make you stand up, bug you for money, or ask you to do anything else you feel uncomfortable with. Come dressed as you are, expect high energy worship, and prepare to hear the message of Jesus presented in a creative and relevant way.

Are all the people I see working on Sundays, on staff?

Not even close. Believe it or not, 92.8% of the Lifepoint experience you encounter results from a group of volunteers called “The Dream Team.” Volunteers care for our kids, arrive early to set things up, and sing on stage. It’s a huge undertaking and we have an amazing team.

Is Lifepoint the right church for me?

We hope so, but we also recognize that we are only one small part of the much larger Body of Christ throughout our community and beyond. If you find that Lifepoint doesn’t feel like home, we would love to help you get connected to a church where you can plug in. In fact, we have compiled a list of some of the outstanding churches in the Wilmington area with which we have great relationships.